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Creative Design and Fashion Makeup 

Melody has experience in creating unique looks for designers she has taken part in many fashion shows, photo shoots and creative collaborations.

 In 2018 Melody travelled to New York where she collaborated with many designers and photographers building her portfolio. Whilst she was in New York Melody was internationally published and she also got to experience the fast pace of fashion week.






Prior to this in 2016 Melody was ranked top 15 in the world, she was hand picked to take part in Val Garlands Mastered online makeup course run from London. Melody is still apart of the Mastered Alumni collaborating with fellow Mastered Creatives all over the world expressing their passions together creating beautiful work.

Below are some of Melody's favourite pieces of work please contact her via email for quotes and collaboration enquiries.  

Industry feed back: Anita Bhagwandas, Senior Beauty Editor at Marie Claire 

"LOVE IT ALL. And all your hard work and research to - well done. It just goes to show you get what you put in. Everything is beautiful and brilliant.

Industry feedback from Fashion stylist and Fashion director for MAC Cosmetics, Arabella Mills:

Amazing Visual research that transforms itself several times before reaching her final piece. Melody's place worked well for me not only for the research, she also kept experimenting once she her model. It is another creative stage to see the looks translated into a picture this is where the real fine turning work begins and i advise all to try and spend some time at this stage with the model. 

Industry feedback from Jane Richardson NARS Head Make-up Stylist:
I really liked both your images. I loved the almost raw texture of the skin in both to the point where I would normally say conceal more but in this instance decided that the underlying redness (and even the areas of blue under her eye) added to the mood especially in your final shot.
Exhibit A is one of my favourite products from the Nars collection and I think you used it beautifully. Particularly like the shape on the eye mimicking the shape of the brow.
If anything I would just have cropped it more as you don’t need to see the neck and chest…
Very edgy and in my opinion that makes it very Nars.

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