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Choosing a Makeup Artist that suits you

All Makeup Artist's are different and we all have our strengths, its important to not believe everything you see on "Instagram" and you need to remember if you can see a fair bit of makeup on a Bride in a photo, in person it looks 5x more.

The best way to choose an artist is by great word of mouth or if you have attended a wedding yourself and admired the flawless bridal party... theres your chance to enquire about the great artist who is responsible.

Photos honestly don't show quality of makeup, they all depend on lighting, filters, photoshop, most instagram photos are well.... photoshopped and at times are far from reality.

Makeup is best considered in person and on a sunny day, this is when most weddings take place and when you wanna look your best walking down that aisle. Also if you find an artist with a price which is too good to be true then it most likely is, an artist's price increases with experience and quality of product. For example the foundations I use are $110.00 for 27 mls..... You can imagine the foundation an artist is using who is charging $50 a face! But then if your makeup look isn't a great concern to you then go for it.

Personally as an artist if you have spent $20,000-$100,000 on one day in your life, I would wanna look flawless !

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