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Never be disappointed again! How to explain what you want to your makeup artist...

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

What to say and how to say it.

The day has arrived, your hair is looking gorgeous and after much scrolling and researching you have reached your makeup artist ready to be transformed, you show your artist a photo of a model and you say you wish to look like them, even though they look nothing like you.

The artist spends an hour perfecting your desired look, you look in the mirror after and shriek! Oh my! you try and hide your disappointment from the artist, you head home, get changed and even though you have been looking forward to this occasion for months all of a sudden you don't want to go, you feel panicked, should you change the makeup or should you wash it off? You head out, you feel self conscious and you spend your night dodging cameras.

Its unfortunate to say but a persons confidence can make or break a special night and even though we should find confidence from within, some of the time it does come from how we look externally, especially if you have been building up to a specific event.

This is why we take our job so seriously

LMH understands the importance of clear communication with their client. If the makeup doesn’t meet client expectation, we find it usually isn’t the skill of the artist but miss communication about the desired look.


So how can you attend a makeup appointment full of confidence?

Firstly, how often do you wear makeup? Every day or once a year? This should be a clear indicator of how you and your artist should approach your desired look. Even if you wish to go all out and choose full glam makeup for your event, chances are you will look nothing like what your used to and freak out with the final result.


BE CLEAR, tell your artist how often you wear makeup, this will help the artist determine how much makeup they should apply. Also please remember makeup doesn’t take away wrinkles, it actually emphasises them.


BE REALISTIC, choose a photo off Instagram of someone who has similar features to you, same hair colour and skin type will help you make the right decision when it comes to colours and expectations.



HINT #4 natural makeup

Request to lean towards a natural makeup, this means its easier for your artist to go darker and add more coverage at the end, removing makeup once applied is harder and it can alter the quality of your finished look.

Makeup should emphasise your best features, you may want a winged liner, but on your type of eye lid it may actually emphasise your hood or uneven lid, trust your artist when they say they don’t think a style will suit you they are the experts. On the other hand if you wear eyeliner everyday tell your artist! Make sure they know it is your regular look as to go without it can make you feel strange and unfinished. This also applies to blush and brows, if you don’t like blush, express that to your artist, if you heavily fill in your brows each day express this too, if you don’t like your freckles or you want your freckles to show, be clear. Tell your artist what you like about your face and what you don’t, that way the artist can work with you to bring out your best features.

Don't use popular makeup terms!

A smokey eye for many can mean many different things. For some it’s a black eye, for others it’s the blending of dark shadow, for others it signifies the type of shading. Be careful using broad makeup terms as in natural, full coverage, smoky eye and full glam as these can have multiple meanings! Instead use individual references, for example; I love my freckles, I want them to come through the makeup but I would like you to cover my pimple on my chin, I don’t love my nose but I really like my high cheek bones, I am not a fan of that over drawn lip look and I prefer a gloss, I find my eye brows are perfect the way they are or I love heavy brows please go crazy. This way the chance of miss communication becomes less likely.

Hint #5 Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Leading up to your event, if you are dehydrated so is your skin, dehydration causes dryness, dullness, uneven skin tone, redness especially around your nose and darkness under the eyes. The cheapest eye brightening solution on the market is water, 2-3 litres a day, even a hydrolyte won’t go astray the night before your event.

Take responsibility for your own amazing look. If you haven’t exfoliated or moisturised in years chances are your skin may not be in the best condition for layers of foundation, therefore we recommend leading up to your event starting a skin routine, trust us, your efforts will be reflected in your finished look.

Dry skin is one of the hardest skins to create a flawless finish on, we recommend all clients use a fruit enzyme exfoliant leading up to the occasion and the night before the event. This will ensure the artist has a smooth canvas to work with, helping create the flawless skin you desire, if you’re worried about your wrinkles…. oil and hydrating creams can soften these and Botox can almost make them disappear, depending on your dedication but essentially the deeper the wrinkle the sheerer the makeup needs to be so the foundation doesn’t get stuck in the creases.

HINT #6 Choose your artist carefully!

When choosing a makeup artist look carefully at their makeup images, make sure the colour of their clients neck and décolletage matches their face it should always be almost a perfect match.

When choosing a makeup off Instagram, it may seem like a nice makeup in the photo but keep an eye out for filtering, editing and heavy makeup in artificial light, this may look amazing on Instagram but in natural light it may look like clown face paint… so consider your occasion and what type of makeup look will give you confidence for your special event.

If you are really nervous about your makeup, our best recommendation would be to do a makeup trial, this way you can see first hand if you and your artist are on the same page . You can also ask to borrow a small mirror from the artist and explain you are really nervous and ask would it be okay if you check the makeup throughout the process, most artists won’t mind as long as you explain.

Happy communicating 😊

Love ,


Luxury Makeup House

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