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5 Makeup Secrets every Bride must know

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Every bride stresses whether their makeup will stand the test of time over their 12hr+ Wedding day. There are many steps you can take to ensure your makeup stays flawless all day, and these actions can help with your overall appearance too.


Preparation is key! Your foundation is only as good as your skins texture, so using skin oils and regular exfoliation before your big bay will make all the difference. Make sure you start your new skin routine within plenty of time, just incase you have any reactions to the changes in your products.


Teeth whitening will make your whole face look brighter and younger, it's worth a trip to your dentist in the lead up to your big day as they have affordable teeth whitening options. I personally use Pola white!


Brows are essential for a youthful finish to your face, we can add texture and length and colour to your brow with special makeup techniques but nothing looks better than a freshly sculptured brow by the professionals.

4. Fake tan is not only for your body! A tanned face provides a better canvas for your makeup to stick to and a overall flawless look is always the result. Plus when you wake up the next day you are glowing and skin ready for your honey moon.


Press away shine and enlarged pores!

Basically the rules are when touching up your face never use a coloured powder, if you find you are prone to shine or enlarged pores peeking through your foundation, use translucent powder. Press it into your skin with a large soft brush, a coloured powder can make the skin start to look "patchy" as the shine makes the powder go darker and stick un evenly to the foundation.

Here are some of my personal favourites!!!

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